Why to Get Your Tires Inspected

Tires are one of the most essential parts of your vehicle, but always being in contact with the road breaks them down quickly. Our team at Honda of Concord wants to make sure your tires will always stay in the best condition, providing you a safe and comfortable drive no matter where you go in your Honda model.

Caring for Your Tires

There are a few things that can be done to help increase the time between tire replacements. Making sure they wear evenly is a big part of that, which routine tire rotations will be able to help with. Rotations should be done close to every six months, which comes out to roughly 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Our service team can perform your Honda tire rotation, making sure your tires don't wear unevenly and won't pose as a hazard to you and those around you.

Always Buy Your Honda Tires From The Official Honda Tire Center!

Please visit the *Official Honda Tire Center* and get a full installation quote for tires! Once you find the tires that you are interested in you can request a quote and it will notify Honda of Concord and one of our Service Advisors will reach out to you to find the best time to have your vehicle brought in. Keep in mind that you when you buy 4 tires from Honda of Concord, you get $100 off the quoted price!

Tires purchased from Honda's Tire Center come with 24 Month Road Hazard Coverage! Please visit their website for additional details and information.

Making Sure Your Tires are the Right Size

Many people don't know that there are a variety of different sized tires, each of which has a specified purpose for the vehicle they should be equipped on. If you choose tires that are the wrong size, you can cause damage to your vehicle and will hurt your performance.

You can see what size tire you need by looking in your owner's manual, checking the inside of your driver-side door, or by consulting with an expert in our tire center.

Learn More by Contacting Our Team or Visiting Our Dealership

Our team wants to help you with anything your Honda car, truck, or SUV might need, which includes keeping your tires in their best condition, oil changesbrake repairs, and battery service. Old tires provide worse traction, hurt your performance, and can put you in danger, but you will be kept in the best hands when you choose a service center and tire department like ours in Concord, NC.

We encourage you to visit our dealership for a routine tire inspection so that we can help you decide when you will need to replace them.

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