90 Percent Recyclable: Honda Cars Don't Go to Waste

When a car's life comes to an end, there often a lot left over that can be used again. For everything that can be reused however, there's a lot that's left that can't. The junk left over can be bad for the environment and Honda wants to make sure that the cars coming out of its factories are as green-friendly as possible.

That goal in mind, Honda has been endeavoring for years to design new cars using recyclable materials. To say these efforts have been a success would be an understatement. Since 2004, all of Honda…

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Honda Pilot: Adaptably Awesome

There's more to you than one car can provide. Some days, you're entertaining clients. ON others, you're bringing the kids to their soccer game. Is there a vehicle out there that can help you navigate all kinds of air space? There sure is. It's the Honda Pilot, the sleek, versatile way that's prepared for wherever your next adventure takes you.


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Honda Ridgeline: Suburban Warrior

Honda knows drivers from across Concord want a pickup truck that fits as well into their neighborhood as it does into their life. That's where the Honda Ridgeline comes in. Thanks to distinct Honda styling, technology and comfort, Ridgeline gets you and your toys where you want to go while allowing your family to travel in comfort.


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Honda of Concord: Your One Stop Shop for All Your Service Needs

Your car’s functionality and performance not only rely on your prowess as a driver but also on how frequent you service it, and that you complete all of the recommended services. Car specialists generally recommend that you service your vehicle after a specific mileage. The mileage varies from one car to another depending on the car model, its use, mileage, traveling terrain among other factors that lead to its wear and tear...

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Honda Announces $1 Million Pledge to Nationwide Children's Hospital

On June 20, Nationwide Children's Hospital and Honda announced a $1 million gift from the carmaker to establish the Honda Center for Gait Analysis and Mobility Enhancement. This center will be the first of its kind to offer not only comprehensive gait analysis, but also spine motion analysis, injury prevention and sports performance programs.

The center will also be a leader in prosthetic and wheelchair development, along with seeking out and promoting innovative methods…

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Fit it All in a 2017 Honda Fit

What if we offered you a vehicle that had the style and functionality of a subcompact car, but the versatile cargo space of a minivan? It's not a trick. It's the 2017 Honda Fit.

The Honda Fit comes with the 2nd-Row Magic Seat, a clever system that allows you to customize your interior space to hold surprisingly diverse cargo. The secret is the four different modes that are designed to accommodate your various needs through different seat configurations.

Utility Mode offers 52 cubic feet of space to hold anything from luggage to a bicycle to a small couch…

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Why Get Your Car Battery Checked Regularly?

It is important that you get your car’s battery checked and changed as soon as you notice that the battery of your vehicle is drying up. And, don’t worry, the car’s battery like any other battery would start giving you hints about it drying up.

The reason why it is important to get your car’s battery health checked regularly is to ensure that the battery is in good condition and has enough charge because if it dries up, you won’t be able to start the car, regardless of how much gas it has...

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Are You Searching for a Sedan with a Comfortable Interior? The 2017 Honda Accord Sedan May Be the Way to Go!

Whether you have a family and it is going to be your family’s vehicle, or it is your vehicle that you are going to be taking to and from work every day, you may want to experience a comfortable interior on your next vehicle. If you decided to go with a sedan, then the 2017 Honda Accord Sedan is a great choice! This sedan model offers hints of leather and other accents throughout in the interior along with a luxurious design of the overall cabin. You will be able to truly appreciate the engineering of this vehicle along with…

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What Happens When You Bring Your Windshield in for Repair?

Bringing in your windshield for repair when you have serious damage or even just a nick is important. When you do so, here is what the service department may do when going through the windshield repair process.

- Look at your windshield to identify the damage

- Determine the likely cause of the damage to your windshield

- Assess whether a repair or full windshield replacement is necessary

- Discuss with you the options for you

- Review any service plans that you have with the dealership and what your ultimate cost would be for the repair

- Repair or replace the windshield as applicable...

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