When you think about the safety of your vehicle you likely think of sensors and airbags protecting you from all angles. Did you know though that your tires play a large part in your vehicle safety as well? Under pressurized tires can leave you susceptible to punctures and poor handling. You can help keep your vehicle safe with two simple tire checks.

Pressure Check

Having your tires filled with the recommended pressure ensures that your tires are at a decreased risk of punctures and increase your control of the vehicle. Underinflated tires also contribute to decreased fuel economy, uneven tread wear, and a less comfortable driving experience. When you check your tire pressure make sure to do so before your first drive of the day. As you drive your tires get hotter and the tire pressure increases, this can give you false pressure readings and can leave underpressurized tires unnoticed.

Penny Test

Using the penny test you can check the thickness of your tire tread, when tire tread is too low you leave your vehicle at an increased risk of hydroplaning. The penny test is simple, you first need a penny and then you need to flip it so that Lincoln's head is upside down. Place the penny in the tread of your tire and if you can see the top of Lincoln's head it's likely time to think about new tires. Remember to check all four of your tires when doing the penny test as well as different spots on each tire to make sure there is no irregular wear.

If you have noticed that your tires tread is getting low, bring your vehicle by our Service Center here in Concord, NC for an inspection.

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