With the right care and maintenance in Concord, your Honda car or SUV can last years longer than you might have expected--and our service team can make it easy to do.

The typical oil change interval for Honda is longer than most people think. The old recommendation is "3,000 miles or 3 months". But that's only for very old vehicles that waste oil--or for quick-lube shops that are looking to get you in as often as possible, to get as much of your money as possible. Newer models can easily go 7,500 miles, or 6 months, between changes.

As your one-stop shop, Honda of Concord has everything you need, from Honda oil filters and fluids to full-service changes.

Ready to take control of your vehicle's health? Contact our Concord Honda service center or schedule your appointment online to get up-to-date with your oil change schedule.


Afford Honda Oil Changes in Concord

Some people put off routine oil changes because they believe this essential service will be too expensive--"not worth it".

What's a better deal: changing your oil every six months at $24 - $35 (depending on oil type)? Or replacing your entire engine for a few thousand dollars later down the road because the sludge build-up caused it to overheat and suffer damage?

You can see that an oil change is more than just a service for your Honda.

It's an investment that'll pay off in a longer life span for your car.


Honda Oil Change Coupon Near Charlotte


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