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The 2018 Honda Civic New Dad Review


North Carolina dads don't just drive any car. Down here, dad swag is real--especially for dads who are proudly chaperoning around their first kid.

What is a "dad car"? It can depend on who you ask.

To high schoolers, a "dad car" might be the rust-bucket station wagon you're forced to drive because your parents won't let you have anything nicer--hence, looking like a dad minus the kids.

But to real, bona fide adults, a "dad car" is the opportunity to drive something that's safe, reliable, economical, with a lot of space... but that doesn't…

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Autoblog Long-Term Tests a Honda Ridgeline


We just had to share this feedback, taken from a recent review by Autoblog, on the Honda Ridgeline:

"Don't waste your money on something else."

Autoblog is an American internet-based automotive news and car shopping website. They are one of the top resources for industry news and car reviews. Autoblog often buys vehicles or gets them on a "long-term loan" to put them to the test over months and over thousands of miles.

Read on to learn why Autoblog editors really liked the Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup truck.

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