North Carolina dads don't just drive any car. Down here, dad swag is real--especially for dads who are proudly chaperoning around their first kid.

What is a "dad car"? It can depend on who you ask.

To high schoolers, a "dad car" might be the rust-bucket station wagon you're forced to drive because your parents won't let you have anything nicer--hence, looking like a dad minus the kids.

But to real, bona fide adults, a "dad car" is the opportunity to drive something that's safe, reliable, economical, with a lot of space... but that doesn't look anything like the dilapidated old beater that you drove way back when.


Consider the Honda Civic

With a peppy engine, a stick-shift transmission option, and "deliciously comfortable seating"--as Benjamin Preston, reviewer at The Drive, says--the new 2018 Honda Civic lineup offers a lot of great options for new dads to get a car that they can love that's still good for the family.

Some of Preston's top likes about the 2018 Honda Civic Sport and Touring models that he checked out?

  • Option of a manual transmission
  • Turbocharged engine option
  • Great seats
  • Lots of interior space for its size

Add in a huge list of standard and available safety features, and it won't be hard to see why the Honda Civic is sure to be a great car for Concord dads--whether this is your first, third, or last--for real, this time--kid.

Click here to see the whole article about the Honda Civic, and visit Honda of Concord to see if the new sedan, coupe, or hatchback is the right move for your family.


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