Will the New Honda Odyssey Pass Your Long-Term Review?

It's not uncommon for auto journals to do long-term testing of vehicles, especially for family favorites like Honda, but with summertime road trip plans cropping up all over, this review of the 2018 Honda Odyssey really caught our eye.

It wasn't hard to tell what their favorite parts of the new Odyssey minivan were:


"Multiple drivers observed that they were comfortable behind the wheel for six or more hours at a time, while second-row passengers brooked no complaints about their accommodations, either, whether upright for sightseeing or reclined for napping."


There was quite a large portion of the long-term review dedicated to the comfort and convenience of the seats--but, no surprise there! The Honda Odyssey is known for being one of the most comfortable family vehicles out there.

Beyond just the seats, though, there was plenty more that the Car and Driver testers liked about the new 2018 Honda Odyssey:

  • Good acceleration for the size
  • Agile handling capabilities
  • Lots of integrated active safety features
  • Handy in-car vacuum
  • Rear-seat entertainment system


There's a lot to love about this new, recently redesigned minivan. You can check out Car and Driver's long-term Honda Odyssey review--as well as their in-depth model review--online at www.caranddriver.com.

The Honda Odyssey is now in its 2019 MY, but there were little to no feature changes for the new year. You can find both 2018 and 2019 Odyssey models for sale at Honda of Concord, ready for you to start your own long-term review.

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