When Will the Upcoming 2019 Honda Passport Be Released?

The 2019 Honda Passport is an all-new, two-row midsize SUV that's due out soon next year. There's no official release date yet for this model, but we can expect to see the first arrivals coming out sometime early in 2019.

The Passport debuted at an auto show in Los Angeles last month in November. According to sources, the new design has already made it to production. While it may not Santa's elves doing that work, it's exciting that the 2019 Honda Passport was able to be green-lighted so quickly around the holidays.


What is the Passport?

If you remember the Passport nameplate from the late 90s, forget it--this is an entirely new creature. Based on the same underpinnings as the Honda Ridgeline truck and the Honda Pilot three-row SUV, the upcoming Honda Passport features a lot of the same goodies:

  • V6 engine
  • Well-appointed and modern interior
  • Long wheelbase
  • Smooth ride quality

But, how does the new Honda Passport differ from its older brother, the Pilot?


Honda Passport vs Honda Pilot

While there are plenty of general similarities (reliability, style, safety), there's plenty to separate the Honda Passport from the current Pilot generation.

The Pilot can seat up to seven and boasts three rows standard. The 2019 Honda Passport doesn't offer a third row at all, but this deleted bench seat means a lot more interior space for gear.

A lot more.

The 2019 Honda Passport will offer more than 100 cubic feet of passenger space, up to 78 cubic feet of cargo space, and an impressive 7.8 - 8.4 inches of ground clearance (FWD/AWD).

It's slightly smaller than the Honda Pilot in every way, but still offers a lot of versatility and convenience.

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