90 Percent Recyclable: Honda Cars Don't Go to Waste

When a car's life comes to an end, there often a lot left over that can be used again. For everything that can be reused however, there's a lot that's left that can't. The junk left over can be bad for the environment and Honda wants to make sure that the cars coming out of its factories are as green-friendly as possible.

That goal in mind, Honda has been endeavoring for years to design new cars using recyclable materials. To say these efforts have been a success would be an understatement. Since 2004, all of Honda's cars have, at minimum, been at least 90 percent recyclable.

Honda has also established special rules to help reduce harmful chemicals used in its cars. The Honda Chemical Substances Management standard help for factories identify harmful chemicals like PVCs and VOCs so they can be phased out and replaced by healthier alternatives.

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