What Happens When You Bring Your Windshield in for Repair?

Bringing in your windshield for repair when you have serious damage or even just a nick is important. When you do so, here is what the service department may do when going through the windshield repair process.

- Look at your windshield to identify the damage

- Determine the likely cause of the damage to your windshield

- Assess whether a repair or full windshield replacement is necessary

- Discuss with you the options for you

- Review any service plans that you have with the dealership and what your ultimate cost would be for the repair

- Repair or replace the windshield as applicable

Since it is always recommended to bring these concerns to a professional to ensure that you get quality service for your car, be sure to call us at Honda of Concord in Concord, NC. Doing so may save you from furthering damage to your windshield.

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